Relax From Within

Peaceful Classrooms Workshop for​ Early Childhood Educators

When classrooms are loud, chaotic, and cluttered, children and teachers can feel overwhelmed and stressed. This workshop will teach you ways to bring peace and harmony into the classroom.

1 hour  $99/group of 10-20 teachers

Peaceful Children Workshop for Parents

Join Kelly as she teaches tools for calming children through nutrition, lifestyle and mindful activities.

Upcoming Peaceful Children Workshop

Mother's Night Out at Mother's Day Out at the Nichols United Methodist Church, Trumbull, CT in November 2019

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Relaxation Coaching for Tweens and Teens

Are you feeling anxious, but aren't always sure what is causing it? Do you worry alot?

​Teens through twenties are experiencing more stress than ever. They may experience stress from things such as pressure to figure out their future or to get a job, the economy, world events, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, being over scheduled, environmental toxins, start of a new school, being away at college, a move, divorce and/or stressed parents, chaotic home life, academic pressure, lack of outdoor time and movement, social pressure...

Stress may manifest as irritibility, constipation, headaches, stomachaches, illness, nightmares, anxiety, poor memory, focus or comprehension, school refusal or difficulty sleeping.

I know all too well what you are experiencing. As a young adult, I too experienced anxiety. Sometimes it would just come out of nowhere. Sometimes I knew what was causing it and sometimes I didn't. What I did know was that it was real and it could get intense. I spent a lot of time and money experimenting with a variety of approaches. It wasn't until I incorporated holistic supports that I was able to significantly reduce the anxiety. I went on to recieve further training to empower others with tools to turn stress to calm through journaling, discussion and relaxing activities such as learning the ease of breath to produce a quick calming response, the power of positive affirmations for boosting self esteem, and the relaxation of meditation.

It is critical to reduce stress hormones because they feed viruses, weaken the immune system, cause fatigue, anxiety and depression, increase inflammation, reduces the ability for the body to detox, makes learning challenging, and increases blood pressure.

I'm so excited to work with you!

Private Coaching $30

Group Coaching $15

Schedule for Small Group Relaxation Coaching

Date: Tuesday, November 5th

Time: 7:00-8:00

Cost: $15

Location: 103 North Street

Trumbull, CT

Some topics include Positive Friendships, Peaceful Me, Positive Thinking, Self Care, Positive Visualization, Positive Affirmations, Gratitude, Peaceful Spaces, Mindful Acts of Love

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103 North Street

Trumbull, CT