Relax From Within

Massage Classes, Group Gatherings and Individual Massage for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-agers and teens

Nurturing Love

Gather a small group of family and/or friends for a fun, age appropriate class in the comfort of your home, yoga studio, preschool . . . .  Each session holds a sacred space for you and your child .

 Research shows that children who receive massage on regular basis may show such things as reduced stress and anxiety, feel happier and more relaxed, be more cooperative, have improved immune system, sleep better, improved their memory, focus and concentration, improved self esteem, be less aggressive and less hyperactive, show less touch adversion, and experience bonding and nurturing love, the foundation of every healthy and happy parent/child relationship.

Infant Massage (parents participate with baby or doll)

Learn the art of infant massage to nurture the bond with your baby while organizing his/her nervous system, improving his/her immune system, reducing colic, improving sleep, circulation, weight gain and digestion.


Story Massage Together (parents participate with their 2-8 year old)

Story Massage Together classes combine positive, nurturing touch with the creativity of storytelling. Calming toys, stories, songs, children's meditations and attachment play activities are incorporated into each class. These classes hold a sacred space for parents to relax with their child, offer a simple, fun and interactive way to share the benefits of positive touch and nurture love, the foundation of all healthy parent/child relationships. 

Massage Together (parents participate with their 9-18 year old)

Massage Together classes nurture that parent/child bond while helping your child reduce stress by learning the ease of breath to produce a quick calming response, the power of positive affirmations for boosting self esteem, and the benefits and instruction of nurturing touch for relaxation and meditation for calming.


Touch Therapy for Children with Autism, ADHD, ADD

Touch Therapy is a specific type of massage that incorporates tools to desensitize a child with touch adversion. The goal is for him/her to become more tolerant of human contact while improving child/parent bonding and relaxing the mind and body. Parents learn this technique to provide to their child on a regular basis.

It's easy to schedule!

Step 1

Go to Schedule Form and choose your age group:

Infants or  Two - Eight year old or Nine through Eighteen Year Old 

Step 2

For 2-8 year olds: Choose your theme

Little Critters/ Flower Garden/ Things that Go/ My Ocean of Emotions/Big Bubble of Love/You are My Sunshine/ Night Sky/Outdoors/Shine Your Light/Amazing Animals/Outerspace/Birthday Celebration

(pediatric masssage 101, back story massages, deep breathing, full body massage, positive affirmations, bonding activities, meditation, recieve hand outs and. props for your relaxation toolbox at home Value $10)


Step 2

For 9-18 year olds: Choose your theme

Positive Friendships/Positive Thinking/Positive Visualization/Amazing Me/Mindful Acts of Love

(massage 101, deep breathing, full body massage, positive affirmation, journaling, craft, bonding activities, meditation, receive handouts and props for your relaxation toolbox at home Value $10)

Step 3

When applicable, choose to focus gathering on:

anxiety/autism and ADHD/common childhood discomforts (constipation, growing pains, headaches, sleeping difficulty sleeping, congestion), adoption, mother/daughter relationships, or sibling relationships

Step 4

Choose 2 options for days/times 

 (M-Th 10-6/F 10-9/S 10-3)

Step 5

Submit and wait for confirmation of dates/times.

Step 6

Invite 3 other moms with their child 

Each child brings a yoga mat


*$70 per parent/child (includes handouts and relaxation items for your at home toolbox. Value $10)

* Additional travel fee may apply

*Additional $30/ for participating sibling (No charge for infants that would not be participating in a class for this age group)

*Hostess receives a complimentary 30 minute massage for your child in your home. Value $60