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"Just wanted to give a shout out to Kelly Grich and her business. I was fortunate enough to win a gift certificate for a Swedish massage. It was AMAZING! So incredibly relaxing.~Cindy

"We really appreciate working with Miss Kelly as she has created a positive and nurturing experience for our son. He is always excited about his time spent with her. His self esteem and positive outlook on life are improving and Miss Kelly has helped with this. We look forward to more sessions with her! We wish there were more Miss Kelly's in this world to bring out the goodness in each child." ~Emily

"I have known Kelly for six months as our pediatric massage therapist. My children see kelly for a massage a few times a month to help them learn to relax. Kelly has successfully helped my children learn multiple techniques to help relax in stressful situations such as meditation, positive affirmations and massage. I would highly recommend Kelly's services. My children love going to see Kelly. She is always professional, positive and upbeat. Kelly is very trustworthy and honest and as a parent, I feel safe taking my children to see her. " ~Taylor

"Kelly is like no other! You will lover her!" ~Heather

"My two daughters have taken relaxation therapy sessions with Kelly and they both responded so well to Kelly's technique." ~Laura

"Kelly has been so helpful in helping my daughter relax and sleep better. I highly recommend her!" ~Amy

"I feel that April is more focused from meditation. ~Diana

"I was nervous about a test, but I remembered what you said and I practiced deep breathing and told myself, "I can do it."


"Kelly's classes are awesome! I would highly recommend them for any child, particularly those who struggle with self-esteem, shyness and/or anxiety. We LOVE her!" ~Emily

"I took my daughter to Kelly Grich's, a mom of Trumbull for a massage and meditation. Lily loved it and it was helpful and we will go again. Just an alternative treatment that was mentally helpful and inexpensive."~Wendy

"This program is fabulous. My four year old son is currently going and he loves Kelly and the other students. These are crucial skills that every child should learn." ~Margaret

"My son and daughter respond so well to Kelly's massages." ~Michelle

"Kelly is indeed an amazing and gifted person. I would highly seek her out." ~Cynthyia

"Kelly is awesome! I highly recommend her for pediatric massages. My kids lover her and feel so much better." ~Taylor

"I felt like I was floating on a cloud, during my massage." ~Meredith

"Kelly is a soft-spoken, kind and all-round beautiful person."~Deb

"My daughter LOVES Miss Kelly! She works wonders!

The world could use a lot more of Miss Kelly....we love her!"~Xinia

"Thanks so much for all that you taught me. I loved all the crafts and relaxation CD's that we did. I will make sure that I use my gratitude journal. Thanks so much for all the classes." ~Francesca

"Kelly is awesome One of the sweetest people you'll ever meet." ~Sue

"I highly recommend Kelly! My daughter has had an excellent experience with her!" ~Kimberlee

"My daughter started attending sessions with Kelly about six months ago. At the age of 3.5, my daughter was already showing signs of high anxiety, to the point where she would scratch herself until she bled. Kelly suggested that we approach her struggles using three avenues; nutrition, relaxation, and massage. After just a few individual sessions with Kelly, we started to notice a difference. My daughter was no longer scratching herself when she got upset. She was starting to sleep better and she was starting to talk more positively about herself. Kelly is so kind and gentle with both my daughter and myself. I always tell Kelly that I find being in her presence during my daughter's sessions, relaxing for me too. Kelly has also had me as an active participant in some of the sessions. Kelly has brought such a positive change to our entire family. We now think of her as part of our family." ~Amy